A video review of Dealing With Confusion As an Entrepreneur – Is it Normal to Be confused? How Can You Break Through? by Miles Beckler | webbcomedia

A video review of Dealing With Confusion As an Entrepreneur – Is it Normal to Be confused? How Can You Break Through? by Miles Beckler

In this episode of the WebbCo Media Show we have a  video review of –  Dealing With Confusion As an Entrepreneur – Is it Normal to Be confused? How Can You Break Through? by Miles Beckler. We will cover three points that will help you grow your business in 2018.

Sometimes you find yourself in new situations where you’re out of your comfort zone and that can be confusing. Nobody enjoys being uncomfortable, in fact most of us seem to be wired to move towards comfort and away from discomfort.

As an entrepreneur that kind of wiring can prevent you from growing and making gains, think about growing your business like a bodybuilder thinks about growing muscle, you have to go deep into the pain to get the biggest gains.


You know what it’s like when you don’t know which way to go or what to do next, you end up driving in the wrong direction or just giving up. Those kind of reactions to confusion prevent you from making real progress.

When you have been on enough road trips you learn to plan better and take maps, and if you end up lost, you pull over to get gas and ask for directions from the person behind the counter. This way you manage your confusion and get to your destination in a reasonable amount of time.

You still end up confused, but you find a way to work through it quickly so you can move on the the results you desire. By anticipating that you will have to deal with the confusion of being lost, you arm yourself with the tools and resources to overcome the confusion.

“Anyone in this world, inventors, marketers, entrepreneurs, who have created anything of significance in this world, had absolutely no clue how they were going to accomplish it.” Miles Beckler Click To Tweet 1:14″

Start with your destination first, then work backwards from there to where you are now, defining as best you can the steps that it will take you to get there. Many times you don’t know exactly how you’re going to get there, so you stay focused on the destination and keep moving towards it.

By accepting that confusion is a natural part of what your going through as an entrepreneur and expecting it, you won’t be surprised when it shows up. Being prepared is going to make you successful, gather the systems, the tools, and resources to work through the confusion and get to the results you desire on the other side.

Start taking action and pay attention to the results.

The most important thing you can do to overcome your confusion is to take action. Start moving your feet, get in motion and keep moving. This will help you overcome the paralysis of confusion and keep you from getting stuck and giving up.

Take measurements of your progress. Think about the reality show The Biggest Loser, every week the participants step on the scale to see the results of their hard work. Sometimes they see very little progress or none at all, but the winners keep moving towards their goal.

“There’s all kinds of little things that we learn when we flex that muscle, even if the direction we go in isn’t our ultimate direction” Miles Beckler 5:25

In almost all cases, the participants on The Biggest Loser had reached a point of confusion and frustration, they didn’t know how they were going to move forward to a better and healthier self, but the had an Idea of the life they wanted, then they were armed with the tools and knowledge they need, they start taking action, and they transform their lives.

Miles Beckler talks often about starting a 90 day challenge, he defines what that means in this video and many other videos he has put out. When some one like Miles repeats themselves over and over talking about the fundamentals of what works, you should take note and apply what they teach.

Continue to make adjustments to your program as you move forward and you will reach your goals. Be an action taker and not an excuse maker and you will get the results that you’re looking for.

Keep Experimenting and pushing in new directions

You have to be a mad scientist and keep trying things until you find what works, then keep doing that. Even when you start to achieve the results you’re looking for, your not done,in order to continue growing you have to keep changing it up.

The best thing you can do is build a personal website where you have complete control over all of the content. Remember that social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter are always changing their algorithms, and you have no control over that.

Do what feels good to you, find through experimenting what works, that’s how you find success as an entrepreneur. It’s OK to be confused but don’t let that stop you, get used to it and find the tools and systems that allow you to continue making progress towards your goals.

“It’s about how you can be of most service to an audience when you put their needs first and realize you’re working for them, your a researcher trying to help them out”. Miles Beckler Click To Tweet 15:05

Miles has an ability to make complex things simple and easy to follow with his no-nonsense approach to digital marketing. His experience and proven marketing skills are exactly the kind of resources you should add to your library and refer to regularly as you continue your journey as an entrepreneur.

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