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Is The Future of Digital Media Leaving You Behind?

 Here comes the future, brace yourself.

What are you doing to prepare yourself to earn a living as a digital media creator in the next decade or two?

  • Are you learning new skills?
  • Investing in your education?
  • How are you adapting yourself to take advantage of the arrival of Virtual Reality?

Over the next 8 to 10 years the need for multimedia artists and animators is projected to grow by 6% with an average salary of $63,970.00 per year or about $30.76 per hour (Bureau of Labor Statistics). My belief is that this is underrated and not taking into account the emergence of Virtual and Augmented reality.

To think of VR and Augmented reality in terms of video games for kids and a passing fad in 2016 is equal to thinking of the mobile phone as a way to make phone calls in 1995. We all spend more time on the mobile phone as a content delivery system than we do as a person to person phone call.

Think about all of the ways that you use your cell phone to communicate that you never even thought about back in 1995. How about texting, social media posting, audio posting, image posting, and video posting. Think of how you can conference with multiple people at once in different parts of the world, all from your phone.

In the very near future your cellphone will become your first AU (Augmented Reality) system with apps developed to provide information on your environment. You know that advertisers will be first to jump in to bombard you in this new platform in order to sell you things.


As a digital content creator, are you aligning yourself with what’s coming? The best way to adapt to change is to prepare ahead of time. The best way to be prepared is to be aware of what’s coming. Are you aware of what’s on the horizon in digital content creation?

Think about a world where your device is always on, displaying a layer of digital information overlaid on the world around you. This kind of constant display will mean that you will be able to consume content without having to take your eyes off of your surroundings.


Now add to that an auto piloted car, that you don’t have to drive. How many of you are already using your phone while you’re driving? Think about being able to turn your full attention to your device without having to worry about traffic.

How many hours of additional device interaction would you have in a week if you had this always on sort of technology? Well its coming.


Digital content creation is going to become as necessary to the growth of the coming change as gasoline was to the development of the auto industry. Without Digital artists, programmers, developers, video editors, project managers, this coming revolution cannot take off.

What a great time to be involved with digital media. Take the time to visualize the next ten years of digital media development from the viewpoint of VR and AR. Think about the new opportunities there will be in the emerging industry of the always on experience.

How can you position yourself to take advantage and profit from this without getting left behind? The dark side of this emerging industry is that there will be huge job losses as manufacturing of television sets fall off, and broadcasting companies loose viewership, petroleum fuel will be disrupted by huge fleets of electric powered short range auto piloted vehicles. The car industry will suffer huge losses as consumers switch to membership in network plans for transportation and leave behind personal car ownership.

New industries will spring up like VR systems maintenance and service providers, fleet maintenance and leasing agents for auto piloted vehicles, the list literally goes on and on.

The thing to understand is that VR and AR are going to be a huge disruption to the world we currently live in, and inside of all of that turmoil will be massive opportunity to prosper, or to fail.

Luck favors the prepared. My advice is that you spend time daily to look at what’s coming to the digital media industry and make preparations according to what you see.